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Home > 1974 Battery Box - Former Electric Car World Speed Record 174 MPH

1974 Battery Box - Former Electric Car World Speed Record 174 MPH

Battery Box Electric Dragster - 174 MPH using lead acid batteries in 1974

The 1974 Battery Box is a home-built car with streamlined bodywork for the driver and rear wheels and open front wheels. Roger Hedlund created this vehicle to attack the World Speed Record for electric-powered vehicles. Using the latest technology at the time in both motor/battery combinations and vehicle design, Roger from Sunnyvale, California, achieved his goal in 1974 at the Bonneville National Speed Trials. The car's speed for a two-way average over a measured mile was 174.918 mph.

BatteryBoxDrag.jpg (350250)

This electric sprint car was designed to use 32 12-volt batteries, hooked up in series, but the record run was made with 28 batteries giving 336 volts to turn the motor. The GE motor was cooled by a fan from a car heater system, which pulled fresh air through the motor housing.

  BatteryBox1.JPG (350250)Batterbox2.jpg (350250)



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