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Home > 1980 Bradley GT II Electric Car

1980 Bradley GT II Electric Car

Bradley GT II Electric car

The Bradley GT II Electric car was built by Bradley Automotive company, based in Minneapolis Minnesota. They were creating kit cars which would bolt on to the top of existing Volkswagen Beetle cars. Bradley Automotive only 50 made of these in 1980.

BradleyGTII.jpg (400250)

The History of the Bradley GT
Bradley Automotive created and sold the Bradley line of kit cars based on the original Volkswagen Beetle chassis.

The models sold during the company's tenure were the GT, Scorpion and GT II. As with other kit car manufacturers, these vehicles could be bought in various stages of completion. The Bradley corporation eventually went on to become the Electric Vehicle Corporation, selling electric drive versions of the Bradley GT II but financial problems and kit quality issues eventually led to the company's filing for bankruptcy and eventual collapse in 1981.

Bradley kit bodies were all fiberglass, 2-seater gull-wing cars. The original GT sold several thousand units and was largely unchanged from the late 1960s to 1977 when the GT II was introduced. The GT II was a more refined kit with more of a production quality to it, but today suffers from a lack of GT II-specific parts such as window glass, upholstery and fiberglass body components. The original GT borrowed many more components from production automobiles and are still in plentiful supply today.

Bradley also manufactured other products including a 1 wheeled travel trailer, and a small recreational fiberglass boat.




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