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Home > Elon Musk - Interview with Telsa Motors CEO

Elon Musk - Interview with Telsa Motors CEO

Elon Musk - Tesla Motors CEO

Elon co-founded Tesla and continues to oversee the company's product strategy -- including the design, engineering and manufacturing of more and more affordable electric vehicles for mainstream consumers. As Chairman and Product Architect, he helped design the ground-breaking Tesla Roadster, for which he won an Index and a Global Green award, the latter presented by Mikhail Gorbachev. In October 2008, he took on the additional responsibility of CEO, overseeing daily operations as the company was ramping up Roadster production and accelerating the development of its second vehicle, the Model S.
Elon launched Tesla's regional sales and service centers across two continents and in May 2009 secured a $50 million investment and strategic partnership from Germany's Daimler. He spearheaded a successful cost-down program that enabled Tesla to achieve profitability in July 2009. He guides development of the Model S, the all-electric family sedan that will be produced in at the Tesla Factory in Northern California. The Tesla Factory will employ approximately 1,000 workers.

Telsa Model S Electric CarTelsa Roadster Electric Car

Tesla Will Unveil Electric SUV in 2011 and a $30K Electric Car in 2015
- Talk is cheap, and Tesla's CEO Elon Musk is using it to make some pretty bold claims about the future of the company. At the Cleantech Investor Summit in Palm Springs, California, yesterday, Musk told a crowd that Tesla would be unveiling their own electric SUV—the Model X—later this year. As a bit of icing on the talk cake, Musk also said that they were on track to sell a $30,000 Tesla vehicle within four years. Complete Story




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