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Home > Jay Leno On Hand As Ford Focus Electric Prototype is Donated

Jay Leno On Hand As Ford Focus Electric Prototype is Donated

Jay Leno's Electric Ford Focus Electric

Calling it best thing to come out of a failed television show, Jay Leno was on hand at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles as Ford donated one of the two Focus Electric prototypes used on "The Jay Leno Show" during a celebrity driving segment called Green Car Challenge.

The car was shown at the Petersen Museum alongside the The all-new Focus Electric, Ford's first-ever all-electric passenger car, a zero-emissions, gasoline-free vehicle that will be available in North America and Europe. The official handing over of the keys was meant to signify the transition from a prototype version of Focus Electric to the real production vehicle.

FordFocusJayLeno.jpg (350250)Rush Limbaugh Jay Leno Electric Car

Used throughout the 2010 season of the Jay Leno Show at the 10 pm hour, the Electric Orange battery electric prototype was outfitted with Recaro racing seats, a full roll cage and a five-point racing harness for use on a racetrack designed specifically for the show. Celebrities including Steve Carrell, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Serena Williams, Sheryl Crow and Rush Limbaugh each took a turn behind the wheel of the bright orange Ford Focus prototype last year. Their times were recorded and Dr. Phil ended up having the fastest time of all. Driving is like sex, quipped Leno, men always think they are going to better at it, but then they get behind the wheel and it's a different story.  Complete Story



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