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Home > 1942 Paul Arzen's Electric Egg and Electric Baleine

1942 Paul Arzen's Electric Egg and Electric Baleine


1evegg.jpg (350250)

L'Oeuf or Better known as the Electric Egg 

In 1942, French auto designer, Paul Arzens designed an electric car that was instantly christened "L'Oeuf" (the egg), reflecting it's egg-shape. Other eye catching features were the tiny wheels and the high proportion of the bodywork formed of curved transparent plexiglas. The body itself weighed just 60 kg, although adding the electric rear mounted motor raised this to 90 kg. Once batteries were added the vehicle weight was increased to 350 kg, allowing for a range of 63 miles at 44 mph.

 1evbal1.jpg (350250)1evbal22.jpg (350250)

Two years later, following the German invasion, and the virtual disappearance of gasoline for civilian use, French auto designer, Paul Arzens came up with a second Baleine, closely resembling the first at least from the outside, but based on the chassis of an old Fiat - much lighter than a Buick - and encumbered by 1,100 kg of accumulator batteries. This was an electric vehicle with a claimed 10 hp providing a range of more than 125 miles at 40 mph





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