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Home > Study: 20% likely to buy electric car

Study: 20% likely to buy electric car

A study released today by IBM could portend good things for Nissan and for Middle Tennessee. Nearly 20 percent of car buyers say they are somewhat likely or very likely to buy an all-electric car.

The all-electric Nissan Leaf, which debuted last month, will be built in Smyrna starting in 2012, employing 1,300 people. Right now, buyers qualify for $7,500 worth of federal subsidies, plus more from many states ($2,500 in Tennessee). But even if the cars cost 20 percent more than gas-powered vehicle, 40 percent of consumers say they would still buy one, Portfolio.com reports.

Nissan will have plenty of competition. In addition to the Chevy Volt, Ford is planning to roll out an all-electric Focus, Toyota has plans for electric cars, and electric car pioneer Tesla is preparing to roll out a sedan to compliment its Roadster all-electric sports car.

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