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Home > Triac, Three Wheeled Electric Car Is Taking Orders

Triac, Three Wheeled Electric Car Is Taking Orders


Triac Three Wheeled Electric Car by Green Vehicles

Triac, by Green Vehicles Inc, is a two-seat three-wheeled car. The Triac freeway commuter Early Adopter program closed as of June 15th, 2010; they will begin to accept pre-orders for the Triac2.0 in November, 2010 requiring a $500 reservation fee. Green Vehicles was originally based in San Jose, California, but the company has recently relocated to an 80,000 square feet facility in Salinas, California.

The TRIAC has a top speed of 80 mph and a range of 100 miles, according to the manufacturer. Charging the TRIAC's 144 volt, 160 amp-hour batteries takes approximately 5 hours when the vehicle is plugged in to either 120 or 240 volts AC. The Vehicle is designed with a steel safety cage construction with the two front tires controlling steering and front wheel drive.


Green Vehicles
GREEN Vehicles™, Inc. designs and integrates best-in-class electric vehicle technologies into a new class of vehicle, the freeway commuter. The company solves the most important issue keeping would-be buyers out of the battery electric vehicle (BEV) category, PRICE. Additionally, we take a “Zero-waste” approach in manufacturing and vehicle recycling--an unprecedented value-added feature for maximizing ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE.

The idea for GREEN Vehicles was born out of necessity in 2007. Our founders wanted all-electric transportation options for their day-to-day needs, but no practical solutions existed. We dared aspire to operate an authentically sustainable company in an industry with enough baggage to cover the surface of the moon. “Build a practical solution in a principled way”, that was our dream, and that is the focus of our brand.



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