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Home > White Zombie - World's Fastest Street Legal Car

White Zombie - World's Fastest Street Legal Car

The White Zombie is the World's Fastest Street Legal Car

The White Zombie is a Datsun 1200 that turns 11.466-second elapsed times in the quarter mile with a trap speed of 114.08 miles-per-hour. And to cap it off, there are about 800 pound-feet of torque at zero rpm. How’s this possible? Well, it’s solely through electricity. It’s an electric-powered Datsun 1200 and it can smoke gas-powered muscle and sports cars.



The   “White Zombie” has gone through several incarnations since he started racing it, back in 1994. It now has a drive train that starts in the engine bay with Siamese 8 dual armature, series wound electric motors, which get their power from a 2000 amp Zilla controller; which in turn get its power from 30 Hawker Aerobatteries, each producing 12 volts, setting where the back seat used to be. It’s a direct drive set-up with no clutch, flywheel or transmission. The electric motors are joined directly to a Dutchman Motorsports Ford nine-inch rear-end via an aluminum drive shaft.

White Zombie Datsun 1200 - Fastest Street Legal CarWhite Zombie Electric Car


Base Vehicle:

1972 Datsun 1200 sedan



'Siamese 8' Dual armature series-wound. What used to be two separate 8 inch electric motors, is now one custom built motor that's 25 lbs. lighter, 7 inches shorter, and more powerful. Thanks to 'Hi Torque Electric' and 'Dutchman Motorsports'.



Direct drive (no transmission, clutch, or flywheel). Electric reverse. Custom aluminum driveline by 'Inland Empire Drivelines', 'Dutchman Motorsports' heavy duty 'Street Strip' rear setup with Dutchman 31 spline racing axles, Ford nine inch differential with Detroit Locker, 'Richmond Gear' ring and pinion @ 4:11 ratio, custom made traction bars. Thanks to Dutchman Motorsports and Inland Empire Drivelines for their support.



2000 amp Zilla by 'Cafe Electric' with programmable series/parallel motor section switcher; ...launches at full torque (772 ft. lbs.) with motor sections configured in series mode, switched over at higher speeds to parallel for maximum horsepower. Thanks to Cafe Electric for their support.  



30 'Hawker Aerobatteries' deep cycle 12V, 26ahr AGM batteries...Thanks to Enersys, Aerobatteries, and Hawker for their support. 

System Voltage:

360 Volts



Manzanita Micro PFC 75, Rudman Regulators. At PIR (Portland International Raceway) where the Zombie usually does its thing, we get to plug into the 240V mains and charge air polution-free as the juice comes from Oregon's mighty Columbia River and its massive hydroelectric system. Away from home at other drag tracks where clean AC line power may not be available, a gasoline fueled 18 hp 2 cylinder Subaru generator makes 10 KW to feed the PFC75 and keep White Zombie's pack charged up. Thanks to Manzanita Micro for their support. 

DC/DC Converter:


Vicor based custom unit able to operate with input voltages up to 450V and able to output 14+V @ 40 amps. A 16 ahr 'Hawker Genesis' 12 volt AGM serves as a battery backup for the 12V system.

Top Speed:



At least a quarter mile!

Seating Capacity:

2 scared adults

Curb Weight:

~2350 pounds.



Rear....BF Goodrich DOT approved,  215/60/14 'G Force T/A Drag Radials' on Ford 5 bolt, 14 X 6 five spoke Eagle polished alloys 
Front...Nitto DOT approved, 175/50/13 'Exit GS' on Nissan 4 bolt, 13 X 5.5 five spoke Eagle polished alloys

Additional Features:


Electric line lock, 4/0 wiring, 3000 amp Kilovac Bubba main contactor,  240+ horsepower w/ 772 ft. lbs. torque (equivalent to ~350 hp gas)
Custom metal fab work by Marko Mongillo. Thanks to Northwest handling Systems for the use of their forklift service truck as our trackside base support vehicle.

An all new battery pack is being readied for the 2007 racing season based on 60, 16 ahr Hawker Genesis batteries. This 360V pack will be 40% more powerful than the previous 360V pack, and will be capable of making 450 hp! The new pack will be 75 lbs. heavier, but the battery compartments will be far lighter, and other weight reducing mods should keep the car's curb weight close to the same. We expect ETs of 11.8 @ 110 mph, but with continued work, it's possible to see mid 11s for '07!


www.plasmaboyracing.com  for update to date specs




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