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Home > 2007 Zap Electric Car

2007 Zap Electric Car

Zap Specs

Speed:Up to 40 mph (65 km/ph)
Range: Up to25 miles per charge (40km) *
Up to 40 miles per day with opportunity charging; Energy to charge 4.75 kwh
Charger: Onboard 110 Volt AC
Motor: DC
Seating: Up to 4 (303 lbs.)
Battery: Lead Acid
Classification: 3 wheel motorcycle (Zero Emission Vehicle)
Dimensions: 10 Length (290 cm) x 4.66 Width (142 cm) x 5.05 Height (154 cm)
Weight:approx. 1,800 pounds
Options: Upgraded Radio/CD, Color, Leather Seats, Xebra Car Cover, Fast Charging, SolarElectric Chargers 

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